Solar energy — clean, renewable, and abundant — is a fundamental part of a sustainable energy future. A robust solar industry can reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and help meet our needs for energy security and economic growth. It can create new jobs, build globally competitive markets, and protect public health and the environment.
But a solar future won’t happen by itself. Without a comprehensive plan and coordinated effort, solar is doomed to remain a small, niche technology inaccessible to the mainstream. It will take an aggressive, well-orchestrated, well-funded push to make the promise of solar a reality.

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The Solar Catalyst Group is a nonprofit consortium of business, government, investors, labor, and environmental and community groups and individuals working to catalyze the solar energy portion of a renewable energy future by creating a mass market for solar photovoltaics (PV). Our mission:

To harness market forces to dramatically lower the price and accelerate the growth and development of solar energy around the world in a way that aligns energy needs with sound business practices, economic development, environmental protection, and social equity.

What We Do

  • Design, develop, and disseminate plans to dramatically accelerate solar PV’s growth beyond currently existing scenarios by significantly increasing its supply and demand and lowering its production and installation costs to a level competitive with conventional energy sources.
  • Help to broker large-scale solar PV procurement and installation deals by identifying and aggregating large-scale procurement orders from governments, utilities, retailers, contractors, and others.
  • Identify opportunities to create skilled jobs and promote workforce training related to solar PV manufacturing, installation, and maintenance, especially within disadvantaged communities and populations.
  • Serve as a clearinghouse on leading-edge financing and market-development mechanisms to increase solar PV competitiveness.
  • Disseminate research, analysis, and best practices related to the market development of solar PV, through Web sites, publications, speeches, articles, events, and other means.
  • Consult to governments, NGOs, and industry on strategies to identify opportunities for large-scale deployment of solar PV.


The Solar High-Impact National Energy (SHINE) Project proposes an ambitious “man-on-the-moon” U.S. solar initiative that would dramatically accelerate solar PV’s price drop, create up to 500,000 new American jobs, and generate up to 9 percent of the country’s total electricity needs by 2025.
To download the paper in PDF format (requires Acrobat Reader), Click Here.

Solar Opportunity Assessment Report examines what is needed to grow the U.S. solar industry — incrementally into a thriving industry, as well as through bold, audacious measures that could dramatically accelerate the transition to a clean-energy future.
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Bringing Solar to Scale describes our vision for transforming the market for solar photovoltaics through a public-private partnership in California.
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